for Families

Families choose to engage a nanny over other forms of child care for various reasons. These can include:

  • One-on-one interaction gives your child a much more individualised and personal level of care than that typically experienced in a child care centre

  • By providing child care in their own home, children experience a much lower level of the disruption caused by parents needing to go to work, etc.

  • You have no need to worry about transporting children to and from child care within a specified time frame, usually in the middle of peak hour

  • Less worry when your child is ill

  • Having the opportunity for your child to experience stimulating outings such as going to the park, visiting the zoo and other favourite activities on a daily basis

Finding the right child care specialist gives you, as busy parents, the opportunity to concentrate your energies on maximising the quality of time spent with your child. It can mean a much greater chance for your child to reach his or her full potential. And, it certainly means greater protection and supervision for your child.